Questions to Ask Your Acoustical Consultant About Your Manufacturing Facility

Questions to Ask Your Acoustical Consultant About Your Manufacturing Facility

11 December 2017
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If you run a manufacturing facility, you may want to hire an acoustical consultant. They can help you determine how to reduce the noise in your facility and how to make it safer for your employees. Here are some questions you may want to ask your consultant.

How Much Noise Does the Equipment Make?

First and foremost, you should talk with the consultant about how much noise your current equipment makes. In many cases, the manufacturer of the equipment provides information on how much noise the equipment makes, but the decibels produced by each machine can vary depending on the environment.

Also, an acoustical consultant can help you figure out how much noise will be produced when your facility is running multiple pieces of equipment at the same time.

Which Equipment Can Help Reduce Volume Loads?

If you are still putting together your manufacturing facility, you may want to get some advice on which equipment can help to lower the noise levels in your facility. This is useful to consider if you are in the market for new equipment. Talk with your consultant about HVAC equipment and other supporting systems as well as your manufacturing equipment.

What Do You Suggest to Dampen the Noise?

You may want to talk with your consultant about steps you can take to lower the noise levels. For example, your consultant may suggest adding sound absorbent foam to the walls or ceiling. They may also suggest other sound dampening approaches such as adding carpet in some areas.

What Hearing Protection Do Employees Need?

Based on the noise levels in the facility, your employees may need to wear ear protection. They may need sound canceling headphones, earplugs or other safety measures. Sound consultants tend to understand the labour laws in relation to noise safety, and they can advise you accordingly. You may also want to hang safety signs or post reminders so that your employees remember to take due precautions.

Can You Consult on Noise Levels of Products?

If you manufacture items with motors or anything else that produces noises, you may also want to talk with the acoustical consultant about your products. They can give you advice on which labels you need to put on the products, and they can also help you figure out how to lower excessive noise. Even if you don't have this need right away, you may still want to mention this to your consultant. Then, you can figure out whether or not they can continue to consult for you in the future.